Friday, September 2, 2011

Tin Tin gets glasses

Tin Tin (now also known as "Avi")has gotten glasses! How cute does she look! The eye specialist has said she has a damaged right optical nerve from lack of oxygen at birth. She does have eye sight in that eye and it will be so much clearer for her now that she has the help of glasses. She's also currently having BOTH legs casted every seven to ten days to correct her club feet. Improvement has already been seen after the second casting! Only home since April, the progress she is making is incredible!! What a trooper. Please praise our great big God for HIS protection, love and care for Tin Tin. He truly does set the lonely in families.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tin Tin (Avi) is eating, holding herself up and more.......

To all who have been joining us in prayer for dear sweet Avigayil Christina Carpenter a.k.a. "Tin Tin"!!!

Avi had a great appointment at the Clinic today!(July 21, 2011) Thank you to all who have been praying! She gained almost 3 pounds in less than 2 months and grew almost 2 inches in less than 2 months! We chose not to have them remove the feeding tube – although she no longer uses it to eat! We are going to revisit the possibility of having it removed early this fall! We inserted a new tube that is slightly larger because she is growing so fast!! Her doctor is VERY VERY Happy!

He was adoring Avi and could not believe his eyes when he saw how well she is doing! He was amazed at her progress. He “thought” at our last visit that she had extensive neurological damage and that it was not reversible. He suspected that her brain damage was quite severe.

The doctor was not certain at our last visit that she would develop at all and that she would ever walk. He was pretty sure that her feet issues were not as simple as club feet and had neurological issues that were some of the cause of her twisted feet too! Meaning that some was not reversible – if any of it was.

As he examined her and she was able to hold up her head; sit up on her own; hold up her body as he would lift her; try to stand; look at him; move her eyes to follow an object; wiggle her toes; move her feet; fluid motion of her arms and legs – he was amazed and said she is going to walk! He now is leaning more to the fact that her twisted feet are simply a birth issue and they may just simply be tendons that pull too tightly on one side and have caused her feet to simply grow twisted because they are too tight. She may just need a simply non invasive surgery to clip the tendons and loosen them!

We are once again praising our Lord for his love and power! Avi is a testimony for the many children that lay in a crib and are thought to be worthless and beyond hope. In 3 months she has already blessed more lives than we can count and made more progress than anyone would ever have imagined! We know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with God! He can take a life that seems empty and worthless and turn it into a beautiful story that blesses countless lives! He can take a child that seems beyond hope of healing and make miracles appear!

Won’t that be the day that Avi walks and talks and gives her testimony for the Lord!
Our next points of focus are: Orthopedic surgeon – scheduled for August and visit to the eye doctor scheduled in early September.

- an excerpt from an e-mail received from Avi/Tin Tin's Mommy (Stephanie)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meeting the LAMS kids

Some of the sweet children at the Lititz Area Mennonite School helped raise funds to bring Tin Tin home, through various task such as doing chores for a dollar and other fund raising projects. Tin Tin went to visit each class.

Here are pictures of the day that ALL of the kindergarten through 5th grade classes at LAMS got to meet the long prayed for “Tin Tin!” Each class was eager to meet her and “touch her!” You’ll see her little club feet on the one picture.(Repair to those baby feet is anticipated) The children also got to see what her feeding tube looked like.

Steph reported that she’s now eating small amounts of rice cereal and various other pureed foods WITH A SPOON as well as getting drink from a sippy/bottle!! (This was a specific prayer request that Stephanie asked the children to pray for during the visit last month). DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....and for the past 36 hours, Tin Tin has been receiving all nutrtion via spoon and NO FEEDING TUBE use) Obviously the future remains unknown in this regard but we're praising God for hearing and answering more prayers of His children. Our little girl is thriving and making developmental advances even in the short amount of time she’s been HOME!

I love how God can weave such a beautiful story……. A destitute, crippled orphan who lay in a crib in a impoverished orphanage in the Philippines; a family who seeks GOD’S will in growing their family finds her and is willing to go through the process of paying her ransom and then He even privileges us by entwining our lives into the story in both helping the family and reaching out to others to become involved in this rescue mission!! How way cool is that?!

Please say a prayer of thanks to our Heavenly Father today for sustaining Tin Tin until her family could reach her! To HIM we give much praise.

With Love,


Monday, January 3, 2011

God's Timing is BEST!! Our girl IS coming home....check out the latest....

Happy 2011 to everyone! I’ve been trying to “do the balancing act” during the month of December (I know that many of you can relate to that tricky feat….) However, during all my decorating, planning, parties, celebrating, loving on family and friends……. Tin Tin was never far from my mind!!
“TEAM TIN TIN” wants to know……..THE REST OF THE STORY (will you please be sure to let your child/children who have been a part of this unfolding miracle they hear this update!!)

TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY and PRAISE!!!!!! 100% of all of Tin Tin’s adoption and travel expenses have been met!!!
THANK YOU for your financial gifts, prayers and acts of love and concern for this sweet orphan as she makes her way to her forever family. Know that you have made a forever difference to “one of the least of these!” I have been so blessed by you, you showed what it means to be Jesus’ hands and feet…… Because of those of you that donated, prayed and spread the word, this miracle happened! I imagine that God is smiling at HIS CHURCH doing what HE has called us all to do…..”care for the orphans…”

December 23, 2010 Tin Tin’s adoptive parents received the paperwork from "Mr.Fed. Ex" --- this paperwork needed their signature accepting Tin Tin as their daughter --- the “powers that be” in the Phillipines had accepted Brian and Stephanie as Tin Tin’s parents now the paperwork needed a signature stating that they were accepting this privilege. Stephanie and Brian felt like this was the single most perfect Christmas gift from God’s gracious hand!!!
So….although Tin Tin wasn’t physically HOME (in the U.S.A.) this past Christmas , God gave the gift of paperwork that seemed to say….My timing is best, and here is what I’m giving you for Christmas, the promise of Tin Tin joining your family SOON!

A passport and visa are currently being worked on for Tin Tin – this means that the Carpenters are hoping and praying that within the next two weeks both will be processed and they can be on their way to pick up and bring home Tin Tin!

The body of Christ has rallied around Tin Tin and this family to support this special adoption…..celebrate with us while reading about some unique ways this miracle transpired……..

- An anonymous donor paid for Tin Tin’s adoption leaving only travel expenses to be raised!!
- Many, many of you spread the word and money (from quarters to hundreds of dollars) came in to cover all the travel expenses of flying to the Phillipines…….
- A first grade class in a local Christian School made Tin Tin their Christmas project recipient this year….. they raised money and purchased diapers, wipes and toddler toys for Tin Tin
- Another Christian school (in Berks County) heard about Tin Tin and also wanted to bless Tin Tin and her family --- so they too are making Tin Tin a recipient of their Christmas project; they are planning on purchasing foam squares so that the Carpenter family can complete their playroom floor (the foam makes crawling so much softer and easier on crawling knees!!) – ½ of the floor was already completed but due to the expense of the squares, the other half remained undone. This school has designated any remaining funds after purchase of foam squares to be used toward any medical expenses that Tin Tin will incur when arriving in the United States!
- Warwick High School Football Team Members sold “Ten for Tin Tin” t-shirts on their own time (note: t-shirts still available)

A few of you have asked me what other needs this family has……
- A compact double stroller would be a great convenience item for Stephanie. (two little non-mobile girls with CP) – she has a large double stroller for extended trips out – but a simple compact double would be nice for “quick errands” that she could easily get in and out of the van
- Since Tin Tin will have a feeding tube --- money or gift cards to Walmart for formula will be another need
- An upright car seat for Tin Tin with a 5 point harness system to keep her strapped in safely will also be another need
- DIAPERS….she’ll have two in diapers (as Elianna is not yet toilet trained) – sizes 3 and 4 diapers….
Those are the needs that I can think of off the top of my head…..

AGAIN, on behalf of Tin Tin --- THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I encourage each of you to continue to seek out ways to be Jesus’ hands and feet! I will update again as travel plans are ironed out…….. Be in prayer for their safety in traveling to and from the Phillipines!

P.S. I’m currently helping another family who is trying to adopt (and literally save their lives!!) two precious orphans that have that “extra special chromosome” (down syndrome) and who are considered “throw aways” by their country’s standards… if you have interest in helping to save another orphan…..please contact me …..I hope to “carry their story…..”


Kim Zim.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Update!

CHRISTMAS EVE - DECEMBER 24, 2010Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and the homecoming of our Miracle baby - Tin Tin!

Our Lord has done yet another miracle for Tin Tin! Rejoice with us as we rejoice in the Lord's saving grace!

Tin Tin may not be home for Christmas but praise the Lord she has a home! Yesterday afternoon we received the documents that we had been waiting for. We did not expect these documents for at least another week or possibly even after the New Year! We were amazed and in awe and praising the Lord! We have now been officially accepted for Tin Tin by the Philippine government. Tin Tin 's entire adoption has also now been paid in full! Our Lord has paid for our lives in full as we too can be adopted into the family of God through belief in Jesus Christ! We celebrate the miracle of Christmas and our Miracle baby!

She is coming home! Once again the timing is in the Lord's hands and I have stopped trying to determine the date! I had resigned myself to the fact that we would not hear from the Philippine government nor receive papers until after the holiday and that I needed to be content in His timing and the knowledge that the Lord is in control! Then yesterday we were blown away by the documents that we needed! It was like the Lord simply handed us the papers and I can not even remember what the Fed Ex delivery person looked like - I was so in awe of what was being handed to me! TIN TIN'S LIFE WAS HANDED TO ME TO ACCEPT! WE READILY ACCEPTED OUR DAUGHTER!

WE are praying that we can travel for her by early to mid January! There are just a few logistics that need to happen and once again the Lord has a better time frame than I do so it is HIS story and I am completely blessed and amazed!

Yesterday was also an amazing day because a group of 1st grade children from LAMS blessed Tin Tin with gifts, toys and diapers. These are the same children that have been praying daily for Tin Tin's adoption and paperwork! I was invited to their room to visit them - Ellianna and I visited together since we did not have Tin Tin home just yet. They presented us with many gifts and their joy and excitement was an incredible blessing and I know that our Lord Jesus is just smiling at the gifts given by "children"! They did service projects for months to earn $1.00 for each project. They kept track of the amount of projects that they did by a beautiful paper chain that was hanging from the ceiling. They made a new link for each service project. Then they used the money to buy gifts for Tin Tin! I am crying as I remember the joy I felt and the love I saw in their hearts and eyes. Would not our World be such a beautiful place if we all had that kind of love in our hearts for others! It was a sight to behold! The first graders then helped to carry all the gifts down the hallway and out to our van. We loaded the gifts in the van for Tin Tin and we all had our pictures taken together for Tin Tin!

These children witnessed their prayers being answered first hand one morning back in the fall. It was the morning that Tin Tin's immigration approval was granted. They were praying at 8:30 that morning for Tin Tin and her immigration paperwork. Kim was their substitute teacher that morning and left her cell phone on when she usually turns it off when teaching. It was at 8:50 that I got the message that our approval was granted and I called her phone to give her the good news! She heard the phone beep and checked who it was! She figured if I was calling that it was good news! She left the first graders hear my message about the approval being granted! Their prayers that had been prayed just that morning at 8:30 had been answered. You should have heard their cheering and screaming! The Lord had done miracle for Tin Tin!

We rejoice in His birth and we rejoice in the gift of Tin Tin! She is coming home and stay tuned for more exciting miracles as we watch the story of Tin Tin continue to unfold! We celebrate and give glory to our Lord Jesus and to HIM alone!

May you know the peace of Jesus Christ in your own heart and may you be adopted into His family through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior - Merry Christmas from our home to you!

Brian Stephanie Sasha Ellianna and Tin Tin too!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our "Miracle Girl" is one step closer to being H-O-M-E for Christmas!! Please pray

Another miracle for Tin Tin!! We just received word today (12/14/10) that Tin Tin's adoption documents are going to be processed on Thursday in the Philippines - this means our Wednesday night(12/15/10)!!!!
God is performing so many miracles in and through Tin Tin's life. Please, pray and ask everyone you know to pray during the next 24 hours!! This is the next part of the process that we are waiting on and we need the release of her adoption paperwork!

The adoption agency does not expect to hear word from the Government until next week or receive the documents until next week BUT we are praying for another miracle and for word to be received on Friday and for our documents to arrive on Friday! We are believing that the Lord will provide the documents for Tin Tin this week - we are believing that the Lord has more miracles to perform for Tin Tin! Pray and believe with us and for Tin Tin!

God's timing is perfect!

Some of you have said that you'd like to post a comment, a prayer, an encouraging note but can't b/c of not having a yahoo account.
You can send messages that will be forwarded to Tin Tin's parents to Kim at

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rejoice with us on the funds raised!!!

Lots of you on "Team Tin Tin" are asking/wondering where we're at with Tin Tin's adoption expenses?! It is with a huge smile on my face and with so much gratitude to God and all of you out there that really want to make a difference for an orphan; that I report the following:

"Rejoice with those who rejoice"! All expenses for little Tin Tin's adoption costs have been raised! We continue to raise money to meet 100% of travel expenses. We had to order our second shipment of Ten For Tin Tin Tees!! How great is that! We sold out of many of the various sizes and had to place a second order. TODAY they arrived on my doorstep.
So keep passing the word ......purchase a $10 tee shirt and 100% of donation goes to Tin Tin! (contact Kim at for any t-shirt sale/info. you have)

Another question I have been asked...."What if you meet all of the adoption costs AND all of the travel expenses, what will happen with the remaining money you received? Another GREAT QUESTION!!!
ANY AND ALL MONEY that might come in over and above little Tin Tin's expenses will go directly toward the adoption of another orphan!!! We will share any of that news should another miracle or a "two for one" miracle unfold!!! STAY TUNED!

God has really blessed me by allowing me to be a small part of this miracle! I hope you can "feel the blessing" too!!