Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tin Tin (Avi) is eating, holding herself up and more.......

To all who have been joining us in prayer for dear sweet Avigayil Christina Carpenter a.k.a. "Tin Tin"!!!

Avi had a great appointment at the Clinic today!(July 21, 2011) Thank you to all who have been praying! She gained almost 3 pounds in less than 2 months and grew almost 2 inches in less than 2 months! We chose not to have them remove the feeding tube – although she no longer uses it to eat! We are going to revisit the possibility of having it removed early this fall! We inserted a new tube that is slightly larger because she is growing so fast!! Her doctor is VERY VERY Happy!

He was adoring Avi and could not believe his eyes when he saw how well she is doing! He was amazed at her progress. He “thought” at our last visit that she had extensive neurological damage and that it was not reversible. He suspected that her brain damage was quite severe.

The doctor was not certain at our last visit that she would develop at all and that she would ever walk. He was pretty sure that her feet issues were not as simple as club feet and had neurological issues that were some of the cause of her twisted feet too! Meaning that some was not reversible – if any of it was.

As he examined her and she was able to hold up her head; sit up on her own; hold up her body as he would lift her; try to stand; look at him; move her eyes to follow an object; wiggle her toes; move her feet; fluid motion of her arms and legs – he was amazed and said she is going to walk! He now is leaning more to the fact that her twisted feet are simply a birth issue and they may just simply be tendons that pull too tightly on one side and have caused her feet to simply grow twisted because they are too tight. She may just need a simply non invasive surgery to clip the tendons and loosen them!

We are once again praising our Lord for his love and power! Avi is a testimony for the many children that lay in a crib and are thought to be worthless and beyond hope. In 3 months she has already blessed more lives than we can count and made more progress than anyone would ever have imagined! We know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with God! He can take a life that seems empty and worthless and turn it into a beautiful story that blesses countless lives! He can take a child that seems beyond hope of healing and make miracles appear!

Won’t that be the day that Avi walks and talks and gives her testimony for the Lord!
Our next points of focus are: Orthopedic surgeon – scheduled for August and visit to the eye doctor scheduled in early September.

- an excerpt from an e-mail received from Avi/Tin Tin's Mommy (Stephanie)