Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rejoice with us on the funds raised!!!

Lots of you on "Team Tin Tin" are asking/wondering where we're at with Tin Tin's adoption expenses?! It is with a huge smile on my face and with so much gratitude to God and all of you out there that really want to make a difference for an orphan; that I report the following:

"Rejoice with those who rejoice"! All expenses for little Tin Tin's adoption costs have been raised! We continue to raise money to meet 100% of travel expenses. We had to order our second shipment of Ten For Tin Tin Tees!! How great is that! We sold out of many of the various sizes and had to place a second order. TODAY they arrived on my doorstep.
So keep passing the word ......purchase a $10 tee shirt and 100% of donation goes to Tin Tin! (contact Kim at for any t-shirt sale/info. you have)

Another question I have been asked...."What if you meet all of the adoption costs AND all of the travel expenses, what will happen with the remaining money you received? Another GREAT QUESTION!!!
ANY AND ALL MONEY that might come in over and above little Tin Tin's expenses will go directly toward the adoption of another orphan!!! We will share any of that news should another miracle or a "two for one" miracle unfold!!! STAY TUNED!

God has really blessed me by allowing me to be a small part of this miracle! I hope you can "feel the blessing" too!!

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