Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our "Miracle Girl" is one step closer to being H-O-M-E for Christmas!! Please pray

Another miracle for Tin Tin!! We just received word today (12/14/10) that Tin Tin's adoption documents are going to be processed on Thursday in the Philippines - this means our Wednesday night(12/15/10)!!!!
God is performing so many miracles in and through Tin Tin's life. Please, pray and ask everyone you know to pray during the next 24 hours!! This is the next part of the process that we are waiting on and we need the release of her adoption paperwork!

The adoption agency does not expect to hear word from the Government until next week or receive the documents until next week BUT we are praying for another miracle and for word to be received on Friday and for our documents to arrive on Friday! We are believing that the Lord will provide the documents for Tin Tin this week - we are believing that the Lord has more miracles to perform for Tin Tin! Pray and believe with us and for Tin Tin!

God's timing is perfect!

Some of you have said that you'd like to post a comment, a prayer, an encouraging note but can't b/c of not having a yahoo account.
You can send messages that will be forwarded to Tin Tin's parents to Kim at kimzim@dejazzd.com

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