Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meeting the LAMS kids

Some of the sweet children at the Lititz Area Mennonite School helped raise funds to bring Tin Tin home, through various task such as doing chores for a dollar and other fund raising projects. Tin Tin went to visit each class.

Here are pictures of the day that ALL of the kindergarten through 5th grade classes at LAMS got to meet the long prayed for “Tin Tin!” Each class was eager to meet her and “touch her!” You’ll see her little club feet on the one picture.(Repair to those baby feet is anticipated) The children also got to see what her feeding tube looked like.

Steph reported that she’s now eating small amounts of rice cereal and various other pureed foods WITH A SPOON as well as getting drink from a sippy/bottle!! (This was a specific prayer request that Stephanie asked the children to pray for during the visit last month). DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....and for the past 36 hours, Tin Tin has been receiving all nutrtion via spoon and NO FEEDING TUBE use) Obviously the future remains unknown in this regard but we're praising God for hearing and answering more prayers of His children. Our little girl is thriving and making developmental advances even in the short amount of time she’s been HOME!

I love how God can weave such a beautiful story……. A destitute, crippled orphan who lay in a crib in a impoverished orphanage in the Philippines; a family who seeks GOD’S will in growing their family finds her and is willing to go through the process of paying her ransom and then He even privileges us by entwining our lives into the story in both helping the family and reaching out to others to become involved in this rescue mission!! How way cool is that?!

Please say a prayer of thanks to our Heavenly Father today for sustaining Tin Tin until her family could reach her! To HIM we give much praise.

With Love,


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